Our Services

Standard Services for all Merchants

  • Toll Free Customer Support
  • State of the Art Processing Equipment and Software
  • Prompt Installation and Training for all Equipment
  • Secure Internet Payment Solutions
  • Funds Deposited Electronically into your Bank Account
  • Free Replacement of Equipment Within 24 hours
  • Detailed, Easy to Read, Monthly, Weekly, or Daily Merchant Statement
  • Over 98% of Applications are Approved
  • Lease Programs
  • New Businesses OK
  • Lowest Possible Discount Rates and Transaction Fees
  • Support in case of a Chargeback
  • Training in Prevention of Chargebacks
  • Credit Card Processing

    BPS Worldwide, Inc. works with a variety of processors in order to give our merchants the best options when it comes to accepting credit and debit cards.

    Whether you are Retail, Restaurant, Telephone or Mail Order, Internet Sales or a Mobile Business, BPS Worldwide will work hard to get you approved and set up quickly and hassle free.

    We can also GUARANTEE that you will save money on your monthly processing fees!

  • Gift & Loyalty

    Our Gift & Loyalty Programs offer Merchants:
    A Powerful Marketing Tool
    Enhanced Cash Flow
    A Billboard in Your Wallet
    Increased Average Ticket Size
    Customer Loyalty
    Less Paperwork
    Potential income from Breakage
    Standard Reporting Features

  • ATM Solutions

    BPS Worldwide, Inc. provides Automated Teller Machines and ATM processing that allows its clients the opportunity to own or lease and ATM, while receiving transaction fee income. We will provide the service and expertise to make your ATM program successful. Our “Impact Plan” offers:

    Customer Convenience ● Increased Sales ● Increased Traffic ● Profit Center ● Conservation of Capital ● Tax benefits

  • Check Guarantee

    Checks continue to be a popular form of payment. Check Protection provides solutions to eliminate the paper and improve the settlement and clearing times of a paper based system.

    Our merchants never see a return check or a return check fee because the bad money is our responsibility to collect from the check writer.

  • Merchant Funding

    Merchants need to take advantage of business opportunities when they come up. But sometimes a small capital need can stand in the way of a big opportunity.

    At BPS Worldwide, Inc., we’ve changed all that.

    BPS Worldwide, Inc. has reinvented small business financing by offering advances with reasonable credit standards, minimal documentation requirements, and fast approval. BPS Worldwide, Inc. financing empowers you, the small business owner, so that you never again have to let small capital needs stand in the way of big business opportunities.

  • Marketing and Advertising


    Grow your business by partnering with us for all of your Marketing and Advertising needs! We offer Email Blasts, Cell Phone Marketing, Text Message Marketing and so much more!

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