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In August, 2001, BPS Worldwide, Inc. was formed to provide credit card processing and related merchant services across the country. Robert Malmud and Gary Shull founded the company together. After almost 3 years of successful business, BPS Worldwide was incorporated in April 2004.

Robert Malmud brought a successful business background of over 20 years within a call center industry. Since the age of 15, he worked his way up to a supervisory position in a call center. At the age of 22, Robert partnered with 2 others to start a company and was totally inexperienced in sales, but he knew what was right and wrong in running a call center.

In 1995, this company was elected to the top 100 fastest growing privately owned companies in the Philadelphia and S. Jersey area. On January 30, 1997 they sold the company to a publicly owned firm called NCO Group. NCO was one of the largest collection agencies in the world. After the purchase, Robert became a divisional head at NCO. Within one year, the division almost doubled in size. A year later, NCO began purchasing several other companies, including one that was double the size of Robert’s division.

Robert left the company two years later to begin MAXimum Research, a data collection call center. MAXimum Research became the largest market research firm in Cherry Hill, NJ after only one year of business. One year later a new venture was formed with Gary Shull and BPS Worldwide was founded.

Gary Shull began his career at 18 years of age when he started his own business by opening up a mobile produce stand. After becoming successful in that venture, he continued building on his entrepreneurial skills by starting a telemarketing company. This company sold office and maintenance supplies to businesses. Gary ran all aspects of the company including, sales and operations of the 15 station telemarketing center.

After over 10 profitable years, Gary decided to expand his knowledge into the financial sector and partnered with Robert to form BPS Worldwide.

In December of 2013, BPS Worldwide started a 2nd division, Merchants’ Choice USA, devoted to reaching a wider base of merchants through an outgoing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) program. This required an additional location to house an inbound call center of 10 employees. Both Robert and Gary share the responsibility of overseeing Merchants’ Choice USA as well.

BPS Worldwide prides itself on offering a variety of merchant services and programs to fit any business need. This includes giving merchants the best options and lowest rates for accepting credit and debit cards, providing EMV Ready, state of the art terminals, ApplePay, Gift & Loyalty cards, Small Business Funding loans, ATMs and more. We work with many different business types including, retail, restaurant and services whether they have storefronts or need to handle their processing via telephone, internet or wireless, on-the-go.

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